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Head Chef is a tabletop card game that pits players against each other to see who can cook their food the fastest. This food is sold increasing your fame.Gain enough fame and you will be Upgraded from your humble food truck to a cafe, and your Cafe to a Restaurant. If you can pick the right time to use your power cards and keep that kitchen burning, you will seal a tasty victory !

The first player to be promoted to the restaurant will be crowned Head Chef!

Game Summary:
Each player draws a random character card that comes with their own unique ability, this will ensure each game is different from the last as you experiment to find the best way to make use of your ability to reach your goal, while also trying to stop your opponents master plans.

Each player has 4 actions per round. This can be either:
1. Pick an Ingredient card.
2. Play a Food (combination of ingredients) to earn Fame.
3. Play a Power card to disrupt other players or give you a much needed boost.

Players are limited to 4 cards in hand at the end of their turn, so any extra are put in the leftovers pile. These leftovers can be bought by other players for the cost of 1 action cube!

Once a player has 10 points of Fame they must take a promotion from their food truck to a cafe at the cost of 1 action cube, this leaves them with 3 actions per round from now.
Once a player reaches 20 points of Fame they will be able to be promoted to the Head Chef of the restaurant at the cost of 2 action cubes.

The first player to be promoted to the restaurant wins!

If you want to win, you will need a pinch of luck, a side of risk and a generous helping of strategy.

Will you strive to cook up a burger with your extra hand size as the stock taker?
Or maybe stick to smaller foods and net yourself more money per sale with your expert Salesperson skills?

However you plan to reach your goal, you will agree…

Victory has never tasted so good!

Works in progress:

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